APEGA established the Education Foundation (AEF) in 1996 to enhance and provide leadership and support in the education and development of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists.

AEF’s sole purpose, as an arms length organization, is to raise and distribute funds in support of outreach programs and student financial awards. The Foundation does not undertake to develop or deliver its own programs, but rather supports existing programs that meet APEGA’s goals and objectives and are in need of financial support to remain sustainable or to reach a wider audience.

The Foundation funds from its annual income and chooses recipients for the bursaries that are not university specific, such as the AEF Undergrad Bursaries, Enbridge Aboriginal Bursaries, and the Alex Hemstock Post-Graduate Bursary. The universities’ Student Award Departments, which are closer to the need, choose the recipients for all other scholarships, bursaries and awards which are partially funded through the investment returns on the endowment funds established at the universities by AEF. These returns are also used to fund outreach programs delivered by the universities. Valued at about $1.5M, the investment return on these endowments must be topped-up annually to meet AEF’s commitments to the universities.

AEF is governed by an independent Board made up of APEGA members. While currently partially funded and totally staffed by APEGA, the goal is to become self sufficient within the next four years.



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