APEGA and the APEGA Education Foundation

The APEGA Education Foundation (AEF) is an independent organization incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act and is a registered charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency.

The mission of AEF is to instill pride in APEGA Members by investing in engineering and geoscience related initiatives in Alberta for the benefit of the professions and society.

The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) regulates the practices of engineering and geoscience in Alberta. APEGA established AEF in 1996. AEF operates at arm’s length from APEGA however Members and donors can expect that AEF will continue to align itself with APEGA objectives.


    Key connections between AEF and APEGA include:

  • AEF shares the APEGA brand, with APEGA’s permission, and undertakes to protect the integrity of the shared brand
  • AEF reserves at least one seat on the Board for an APEGA staff member
  • AEF donors are predominantly APEGA Members and Permit Holders
  • APEGA is a key channel through which AEF connects with its stakeholders
  • APEGA provides support to AEF, both in-kind and reimbursable
    APEGA does NOT have: 

  • Fiduciary responsibility or control over AEF
  • Accountability for AEF activities
  • Formal oversight authority over AEF